Our quality campaign for loggers and modules

– precise measurements all over the world, for example in Nardo, Granada, Death Valley!

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When was the last time you got your loggers and modules checked? Are the measurement results still reliable?

With our quality campaign, we offer you the chance to thoroughly check and update your device fleet – for a complete worldwide testing success!

Why are maintenance and calibration important?

Extreme operating conditions, such as hot and cold climate testing as well as fleet testing in climate chambers and on test benches, stress the electric components of measurement modules and data loggers. Regular maintenance, calibration, and adjustment of the measuring equipment is crucial to ensure the precision of the devices.

When do you need maintenance or calibration?
  • New device
  • Modification or repair
  • End of service life (operating hours). Recommendation: Maintenance/calibration once a year, adjustment every two years
  • Crucial measurement – before and/or after
  • Unforeseen events, such as damage
  • Compliance with standards, such as DIN EN ISO 9001

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When was the last maintenance?

Our service tag on your device tells you the date of the last maintenance.

Tailor-made maintenance packages for your requirements

From basic to full service „Repair with premium calibration“: Our service packages are tailor-made for your requirements. Please check our IPEservices page for the complete overview. Our premium package includes a calibration at -40 °C, 85 °C, and 120 °C, depending on the module type.

Tailor-made IPEservices

A maximum of quality: our accredited calibration acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

For a maximum of quality, we offer the calibration acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Your advantages: the highest level of security and accuracy as well as an internationally approved procedure. The accredited calibration is available for selected M-THERMO and M-SENS modules.

Accredited calibration

High speed for our customers

We keep lead times short: with quick processing and shipment – within Germany, we even offer a pick-up and delivery service!

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